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What is a Technoyii and what are the objectives and activities that they work with?

Technoyii is an e-commerce platform that includes:
(Managing corporate social media sites - designing visual identities and logos - and programming websites and electronic stores).

What is the method of payment on the site and how do I obtain bank account information?

The payment method on the site is through two methods:
1- Paying with credit cards via the PayPal gateway.
2- Bank transfers.

I got a discount coupon from the Ontech platform, how can I use it and what is the method?

You can take advantage of the discount coupon and apply it through simple steps that have been shown to you on the discount coupon page.

Is shopping on Technoyii safe?

Shopping on the Technoyii store and online payments are 100% secure. The site is equipped with the SSL security protocol, which is concerned with maintaining the security and confidentiality of information. When entering the Technoyii platform, you will notice the security sign, which is in the form of a lock, next to the link. Sites that have this feature are considered secure because the data travels through a degree of protection that can be trusted. Always make sure you have this sign when shopping online.

Do I have to register to complete the purchase?

Yes, to track your order and to come back later to your order, purchase details, invoice related to the request,... etc.

Can I order from outside the country?

Yes, you can order it and we are honored that.

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