June 07, 2018
Tebbyon General Medical Complex

Tebbyon General Medical Complex

T It is a medical complex that was inaugurated in April of 2016 after obtaining the Ministry of Health license as a health facility, and the complex provides an integrated set of medical, therapeutic and cosmetic services and a labor examination center, and the General Medical Complex is considered one of the advanced medical complexes in the region through which we seek to provide medical services High quality in various medical specialties, and it currently includes a number of departments and clinics: General and Emergency Medicine Clinic, Dental Clinics, Dermatology and Cosmetic Clinics, Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinics, Internal Medicine Clinic, Children’s Clinic, Laboratory Department, Radiology Department, Integrated Dental Lab equipped with the latest findings Mechanism of dental technology (therapeutic and cosmetic) devices and equipment.
The complex is also constantly expanding in medical and therapeutic services and keeping abreast of all that is new in medical services.
The General Medical Complex is distinguished by its integrated departments and clinics for women, in order to preserve privacy and preserve legal controls. Click Here to visit the site.

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